Affordable Small Business Marketing Consultant

Stop wasting your money on marketing consultants and outdated services that no longer work!

Fixed Prices

No hidden costs. Know exactly what you’re going to pay before your consult.

Expert Service

A professional who treats my valued clients with honor and the utmost respect.

Expect Results

Implement the recommendations that I make and you can expect results.

Online Marketing Consultations

One-on-one online consults during which we will solve your marketing issues. I will help you to increase your rankings, leads, and sales. No games. No gimmicks. Just solid, affordable marketing advice from a seasoned marketing expert.

Affordable Marketing Services

I provide affordable managed marketing services that flat-out move the needle. Hire me if you’re ready for results.

Driven by Values Not Money

It’s not money that motivates but rather my desire to help people like you succeed. When my clients succeed then I succeed. Click the link below to learn more about me.

Featured Work

Dana is GOLDEN! He is very affordable and we have seen excellent results!


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The Cure for Your Marketing Headaches is Only a Click Away

I only have so many appointments available each month and they go fast. I’m ready to get to work. The question is, are you? The sooner you hire me the sooner you’ll start saving money.